Revenue Per Pupil Report and 135-day ADM Report

Proviso 1.3 of the annual Appropriation Act requires the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office to provide estimates for each school district of its per pupil state, federal, and local revenue and the 135-day average daily membership (ADM) for each school district. 


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FY 2023-24 Estimated Total Revenue Per Pupil
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(Rev. 12/23)
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Please see the Revenue Per Pupil Report.
Historical Education Finance Act Projections

Please note that the General Assembly adopted education reform in 2022 and implemented a new funding formula for State Aid to Classrooms to replace the Education Finance Act. However, we are providing the Education Finance Act estimates again this year.

Pursuant to §59-20-40, the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office provides an estimate of the projected rate of inflation annually.

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