Online Analytics


The S.C. Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office offers online solutions for accessing publicly sourced data. This is accomplished through the use of a business intelligence dashboard tool and ArcGIS Server. 

Necto, our latest business intelligence tool, can combine multiple publicly data sources for analysis and present the information in attractive dashboards with dynamic reports, infographics, charts, and maps. Necto supports mapping multiple layers of data at one time.

Necto Public Dashboard
Necto image 2019

The Necto dashboard is best viewed at 100% zoom setting in both your browser and your computer's display. 

If you prefer to have zoom settings higher than 100% or have your display resolution set lower than the recommended resolution, please use the alternate version of the dashboard below.  The alternate version may display better on tablet devices.



To provide a simple web-based tool to present multiple public data sources with county level maps of key indicators and infographics. We are currently in phase I of this project.


Phase 1:

United States Census Bureau

  • American Fact Finder
  • Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates
  • American Community Survey
  • County Business Patterns and Non-employer Statistics

US Bureau of Labor Statistics

Local Government Finance Report

Health Utilization Uniform Billing Data

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Consumer Price Inflation Index

Phase 2:

General Appropriations, Revenues, and Taxes

Publicly Available Agency Data

Phase 3:

Other Agency Data