Background and Purpose


This report is presented as mandated by Act 94 of 2017 (H. 3969).

§59-18-1950  Added ”to Provide for the establishment of a state longitudinal data system for measuring the continuous improvement of public education and the college readiness and career readiness of public school graduates, and to provide related findings” to the SC Code of Law.


Act 94 requires that the following information be provided:

(a) the number of students graduating from public high schools in the State who enter postsecondary education without the need for remediation

(b)the number of working-aged adults in South Carolina by county who possess a postsecondary degree or industry credential;

(c)the number of high school graduates who are gainfully employed in the State within five and ten years of graduating from high school; and

(d)outcome data regarding student achievement and student growth that will assist colleges of education in achieving accreditation and in improving the quality of teachers in classrooms.

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