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SC/NC Boundary Program

4. What was the outcome of the re-established boundary?

The effort to technically re-establish the 334-mile-long South Carolina – North Carolina boundary started in 1995 was completed on May 3, 2013 when the NC – SC Joint Boundary Commission approved the technical work for the last 91 miles.  There were approximately 1640 different parcels of property that were impacted with this project.  


The SC and NC Attorney General Offices helped prepare legislation that was passed by the South Carolina and North Carolina legislatures. The legislation reduces and/or eliminates impacts to those property owners whose residency or business would move from South Carolina to North Carolina, or vice versa, because of the re-established state boundary.  Results of the project include:


Residences Split  _________________________________________________ 47

Residences Change States _________________________________________ 19

            4 residences have moved from NC into SC

            15 residences have moved from SC into NC

Commercial/Institutional Building Split _________________________________ 7

Commercial Change States _________________________________________ 2