Health Statistics

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SC Data Oversight Council

Management Policies for the DOC and RFA

I. Procedures for Maintaining Confidentiality of the Data

Employees, contractors and agents of the RFA and DOC, as well as members of their committees, task forces and advisory groups, will have occasion to work with restricted and/or confidential data elements on a regular basis. This responsibility will be treated with the highest degree of respect and integrity. The RFA has established a policy to require its employees, contractors and agents and members of its committees, task forces and advisory groups to maintain the confidential nature of the information they encounter in the course of their duties and to sign an annual confidentiality contract. All DOC members, task forces, subcommittees and advisory groups will also be required to sign an annual confidentiality contract.

The Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office will maintain overall security policies in compliance with all applicable state laws and policies and federal laws governing health care data. Access to restricted, confidential and never releasable data elements will be strictly controlled following extensive security measures.

II. Procedure For Data Verification And Review

Section 44-6-170, Code of Laws of South Carolina, as amended 1976, provides for the RFA to promulgate regulations concerning the submission of data. These regulations require the RFA to ensure that the data meet specific timeliness, accuracy and completeness criteria. Additionally, the RFA has a very detailed editing and “unduplication” process that it follows in preparing data files. Data supplied to the RFA will not be released until the data supplier has had an opportunity to verify the accuracy of the data and submit revisions and supporting documentation if the data is found to not be accurate.

III. Fees

It is not the intention of the DOC or RFA to limit access to health care data through the adoption of unreasonable fees. The RFA charges for the release of reports and other data based on a cost recovery basis.