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When issues arose regarding the state boundary between York County, SC and Gaston County, NC in the early 1990s, the SC Geodetic Survey and the NC Geodetic Survey signed a Memorandum of Agreement in April 1993 to cooperatively re-establish the South Carolina – North Carolina boundary. The intent was to avoid a litigious dispute, such as occurred between South Carolina and Georgia regarding their boundary in the Lower Savannah River area. This contentious dispute cost the state $10 million and 26 years of litigation and negotiation, that involved the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress, to resolve 25 miles of boundary.


The effort to technically re-establish the 334-mile-long South Carolina – North Carolina boundary that was begun in 1995 was completed on May 3, 2013 when the NC – SC Joint Boundary Commission approved the technical work for the last 91 miles.


To be completed are the efforts to reduce and/or eliminate impacts to those property owners whose residency or business would move from South Carolina to North Carolina, or vice versa, because of the re-established state boundary. The SC and NC Attorney General offices are preparing legislation to be introduced into the SC and NC legislatures. When the legislation is enacted by both states, those sections of the SC – NC boundary that have not yet been legally approved will be submitted to the SC General Assembly and to the NC Council of State.


Authority: H.4810, Part 1B, Proviso 63.52, 2006


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regarding the Re-establishment Boundary between North and South Carolina

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Any other questions or concerns you may have can be answered by using the internet and browsing to the SCIWAY – the South Carolina Information Highway or reaching out to the county assessor’s office.  The URL for the South Carolina Information Highway is:  The contact information for the county assessor’s offices is:


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