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Local Government Finance Report

The Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office (RFA) is responsible for collecting, maintaining, and compiling data provided by school districts, counties, and municipalities to publish an annual Local Government Finance Report. School district revenue and expenditure data is obtained from annual submissions by each district to the SC Department of Education. Counties and municipalities receiving revenues from state aid, currently known as Aid to Subdivisions, are required to submit an annual financial report detailing their sources of revenue, expenditures by category, indebtedness, and other information as required by the RFA.

The financial report for the most recently completed fiscal year must be submitted by March fifteenth of each year. If an entity fails to file the financial report by March fifteenth, the RFA will provide written notification that the county or municipality has 30 days to submit the required report. By law, failure to comply within 30 days must result in the withholding of ten percent of subsequent payments of state aid to the entity until the report is filed.

Reference: §6-1-50


2018 Local Government Finance Report (PDF) 

Please see appendix for listing of local jurisdictions included by fiscal year

2018 Local Government Finance Report Data Only (Excel)


Local Government Expenditure and Revenue Trends - Presented to Local Government Fund Ad Hoc Committee, November 27, 2017  (Based on the 2016 Local Government Finance Report)


Local Government Finance Report Data Submission


Although §6-1-50 sets March 15th as the deadline for submitting the financial report, RFA has granted an extension through June 30, 2020, for submission of the report due to the extenuating circumstances resulting from COVID-19. Staff are available by email to assist with any questions. For questions or comments please contact Julia Williams. Julia may be reached at


Online Submission: Click Here to login to the online database.

Login information to access the online submission website above is included in the letter mailed to each county and municipality. Please contact Julia Williams if you need assistance. Julia may be reached at or (803) 734-3780.


If you are unable to access the online submission website above, you may mail, email, or fax the form. See below for links to the forms and instructions:


Forms: [2019 County Form] [2019 Municipal Form] (Excel)

Instructions: [2019 County Instructions] [2019 Municipal Instructions] (PDF)


For questions or comments please contact Julia Williams. Julia may be reached at or (803) 734-3780.



Local Government Fund

The Local Government Fund is established by the State Aid to Subdivisions Act (S.C. Code of Laws Chapter 27, Title 6). The State provides funding for counties and municipalities through the Local Government Fund. Counties receive 83.278 percent of the fund, and municipalities receive 16.722 percent of the fund.  Fifty cents per capita is withheld from the portion of the Local Government Fund allotted to counties per Section 44-6-146 for Medicaid Services. Funding is distributed by the State Treasurer based upon the most recent decennial U.S. Census.


Local Government Fund Estimates

Revenue and Fiscal Affairs projects the estimated funding to each county and municipality based upon the projected statutory funding increase required by S.C. Code of Laws Section 6-27-30. Actual funding is based upon appropriations by the General Assembly.


*Funding is subject to change with further legislative action.

Local Government Fund History

The reports below provide a history of appropriations and the statutory formula for the Local Government Fund pursuant to S.C. Code of Laws Section 6-27-30. 


Local Government Fund Chart
Click image above for pdf


The statutory formula for determining the required appropriation to the Local Government Fund has changed over time, most recently in Act 84 of 2019. The change in formula first applies to appropriations for FY 2020-21.  The formula currently requires an appropriation equal to the projected increase in recurring general fund revenues compared to the prior year’s recurring general fund expenditure base, up to 5 percent. From FY 1992-93 to FY 2019-20, the statutory formula required an appropriation of not less 4.5 percent of general fund revenues of the latest completed fiscal year.  The statutory funding formula was suspended by budget proviso for FY 2008-09 to FY 2019-20.  Prior to FY 1992-93, funding was based on varying percentages of specific general fund revenues.