Economic Analysis and Reports

The Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office provides a variety of economic analyses and reports generated in response to the statutory responsibilities of the office.  Topics addressed include state revenue reports and forecasts, analyses of tax revenues, local government finance, education, and local property taxes. 

State Revenue Reports and Forecasts

General Fund revenue reports and forecasts, SC Education Lottery estimates, and analyses of tax revenues and state finance issues

Local Government Finance Report

Local government revenues and expenditures for school districts, counties, and municipalities and the report submission form

Education Funding (K-12)

Data and projections on school finance and student counts

Millage Rate Increase Limitations

Millage rate increase limitations for counties, school districts, and municipalities pursuant to §6-1-320

Property Tax Reports

Reports relating to property tax reimbursements, property tax trust funds, and assessed property values 

Motor Fuel Information

Motor fuel user fee rates, revenue collections, and distributions

State Register Information

Agency notices of general public interest, agency notices of drafting regulations, and Governor’s Executive Orders


Documents relating to various Revenue and Fiscal Affairs staff presentations.