SC Wireless E-911 Program

Cost Recovery

S.C. Code of Laws

Pursuant to § 23-47-65(C)(2)(b), the responsibility of RFA is to hold and distribute not more than fifty‑eight and two‑tenths percent of the total monthly revenues in the interest‑bearing account solely for the purposes of complying with the provisions of this chapter and the strategic plan. These funds may be utilized by the office, the PSAPs, and the CMRS providers licensed to do business in this State for the following purposes in connection with compliance with this chapter and the strategic plan including, but not limited to: acquiring, upgrading, maintaining, programming, and installing necessary data, networks, services, hardware, and software. Invoices detailing specific expenses for these purposes must be presented for approval to the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office in connection with any request for reimbursement, and the request must be approved by the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office, upon recommendation of the committee. Any invoices presented to the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office for reimbursements of costs not described by this section may be considered by the board, but only upon unanimous approval of the committee, but in no event shall reimbursement be made for costs inconsistent with the strategic plan.

Documents and Forms

Items Eligible for Cost Recovery

PSAP Cost Recovery Request Form

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