SC Wireless E-911 Program

E911 Mapping and Addressing


RFA has a GIS staff with over 30 years of combined experience in constructing, mapping, and maintaining map layers specific to 911 needs.  Our mapping services are primarily focused on road centerlines and address structures, however, we offer general technical support specific to 911 for numerous counties around the state.  General technical support may include:

  • Creating, printing, and providing guidance in the creation of maps
  • GPS support – mapping new roads for counties without proper GPS equipment
  • 911 dispatch technical support including uploading new or updated map layers into the 911 mapping system
  • Training of local 911 officials on the maintenance of road centerlines and address structure files
  • Creation of map books to be used by local 911 officials

Road Centerlines / Address Points

Our office primarily focuses on accurate road centerlines and address points used in the local 911 centers.  Spatial and internal (attribute) road and address data are crucial in locating both landline and wireless 911 calls.  We assist the local PSAPs in creating, mapping, and maintaining accurate road centerlines and address points used in dispatch.  We provide quality control services by testing the accuracy of road centerlines and address points, detecting errors, and fixing the errors to create more accurate data.  We also offer training to the local 911 officials so they can maintain their own data.