SC Wireless E-911 Program

Quarterly Disbursements

S.C. Code of Laws

Pursuant to § 23-47-65(C)(2)(a), the responsibility of RFA is to hold and distribute not more than thirty‑nine and eight‑tenths percent of the total monthly revenues in the interest‑bearing account to PSAP administrators based on CMRS 911 wireless call volume for expenses incurred for the answering, routing, and proper disposition of CMRS 911 calls

PSAP Services

Wireless E911 surcharge fees are credited to a fund for cost recovery and PSAP services. Of this fund, 39.8% is allocated to local jurisdictions for PSAP services.  These funds are distributed back to the PSAPs every quarter based on their number of wireless 911 calls for that quarter.  The PSAPs have 20 days from the end of the quarter to report their wireless 911 call volumes to our office. 

PSAP Wireless 911 Calls Report Form

Reporting Deadline Policy (Amended April 24th, 2018)

Quarterly Distributions