Wireless E-911

SC 911 Advisory Committee

S.C. Code of Laws

Pursuant to § 23-47-65(A)(1) The South Carolina 911 Advisory Committee is created to assist the board in carrying out its responsibilities in implementing a wireless enhanced 911 system consistent with FCC Docket Number 94 102.  The committee must be appointed by the Governor and shall consist of:  a director of a division of the State Budget and Control Board, ex officio; the Director of the Office of Research and Statistics; two employees of CMRS providers licensed to do business in the State; two 911 system employees; and one employee of a telephone (local exchange access facility) service supplier licensed to do business in the State; and one consumer.  Local governments and related organizations such as the National Emergency Number Association may recommend PSAP Committee members, and industry representatives may recommend wireline and CMRS Committee members to the Governor.  There is no expense reimbursement or per diem payment from the fund created by the CMRS surcharge made to members of the committee.

South Carolina 911 Advisory Committee Members

Representative Category Current Member Professional Title
CMRS Provider Ted  Creech AT&T (Director of External Affairs)
CMRS Provider Guy "Dent" Adams COO, FTC Diversified Services
911 Employee Jim Lake Charleston County 911 Director  (Chair)
911 Employee Joey Avery Laurens County 911 Director
Wireline Ben Spearman VP, Comporium Communications  (Vice-Chair)
Consumer Jack Maguire Retired
RFA Executive Director Designee David Morrison SC Wireless 911 Program Manager
RFA Executive Director Appointee Katie Morgan Retired